Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kank, Not Konk: Best of the Kid 2015

Stuff the Kid Likes
Bob Dylan “Little Sadie”
Sofia Loren “Zoo Be Zoo Be
Oscar the Grouch “I Love Trash
Tegan & Sara “Everything is Awesome
mashing up “I Love Trash” with “Everything is Awesome” (it’s more or less “Everything is dingy and dusty and musty / Oh, everything is awesome!”)
Ocean 11 “Housewives Choice
“The Acorn Song” (“I’m a nut (cluck cluck) / I‘m a nut (cluck cluck)”
If you ask him what he’ll DJ at his “DJ gig,” he’ll say, “Twinkle, Twinkle; Old McDonald; and the Acorn song”
Saying the word, “Kank” and other variations of made-up words
The first 15 minutes of E.T.
Shinkansen trainwatching videos on YouTube
Anpanman episodes
Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, Alice Shertie (story), Jill McElmurry (art)
A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Philip C. Stead (story), Erin E. Stead (art)
日本の昔話 (Gakken Education Publishing)
Otogi Ressha Shuppatsu Shinko!, Naokata Mase (間瀬なおかた)
Once Upon a Potty, Alona Frankel
The “Kim and Carrots” segments of Babybug
Little Bear series Elsa Holmelund Minarik (story) Maurice Sendak (art)
How Little Lori Visited Times Square, Amos Vogel (story) Maurice Sendak (art)
Almost any Curious George
Horton Hatches the Egg, Dr. Seuss
Everyone Poops, Gomi Taro

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