Friday, February 24, 2006

Cleaning House

Found a Way

Jill Scott - "The Way" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Because this week became devoted to housekeeping and assorted errands, I thought to cap it off by addressing you, the fine readers, and what it is that draws you to this lovely site. While the vast majority are indeed in search of music-related biz (and, hopefully, are obtaining information of worth here), I've noticed a small handful of deviations. Instead of airing anyone out and cackling about "stoopid questions," I would like to address a few of the search terms from off-the-beaten-track that brought folks here and attempt to address their concerns:

  • " or or album or albums" ~ I don't post whole albums. Neither does the Nation. However, you-know-who (who?) knows you-know-what (what?), but just keep that between me and you for now.

  • "Anal" & "Anal sex" ~ I stand by its reference in the context of increasing incidences of at-risk sexual behavior. But no scoops on backwards poops here. On a related note, maybe this is more your flavor.

  • "Crunktastical" ~ Not sure if that is how I would characterize this blog, but here's one that certainly is.

  • "Fight Klub battle Jin scripted;" "Jaime Foxx feud with Mary J Blige" ~ Damn, I love the internets. Great place to find porn and gossip folks. Too bad most of it involves spam or H.A.M., in no particular order. So, hats off to Miss C&D and Miss Info for just providing the straight dope... and then some.

  • "Leon Redbone friendster clip" ~ Ok, I get the first part...

  • "'Zooey Deschanel' pronunciation interview" ~ Ooh, check out the brains on Mr. or Ms. Research Assistant. What an excellent idea, finding out pronunciation of a name through a first-hand source. I will add that Deschanel has roots in French (like, with this guy) and can subsequently be pronounced "Dāshänel." As for her first name, she was named after Zooey from Salinger's Franny and Zooey, though imdb says her nickname is "Zo." So, perhaps it's safe to say a long e? Ah, let the critics debate that one: just look at her!

  • "Kong squashing native" ~ Another seemingly random vittle, but completely justified. I really should get back into the deep analysis gig, eh?

  • "Angie Stone song on Jamie Foxx special" ~ Ah, I suppose this is the arena where I excel: useless nerdery. The song was "Heaven" from Foxx' Unpredictable.

  • "Jamie Foxx predictable sampled Bobby Caldwell" ~ First, Foxx' song is called "Unpredictable". Second, I am unsure what the sample source is on "Unpredictable." Third, if it was indeed Mr. Caldwell, I'd be a bit meh considering that Common already stamped that joint. But that's an excellent question! Someone get me them liner notes...
On a far more serious note, we close up the week and all loose ends with a heartbreaking article on Dilla's passing. Not just about his last days, as the title indicates, but really his struggle for close to four years. I woke up thinking about how many of my favorite Dilla productions are from this 'period' -- was this a whole 'era' of his career? I was heartened to hear how he made peace with his condition, though. For any fan of Dilla, I would highly recommend looking into helping out Mrs. Yancey in some form, considering the monstrous health bills the family has incurred over the years. Once again, for more information please visit Dilla's page on the Stone's Throw site.


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