Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 playlist.

A year-and-a-half ago Nate and I started our live model drawing sessions. Each step has been intuitive. Nate wanted to draw. I wanted to provide music. We both like to drink. For the first few months, we didn't even have a name. It was just a date, a place and some simpaticos. We eventually cobbled together a clunky name, +DRAWING+MODEL+MUSIC+BEER+, and began attracting "regulars," as well as a rotating cast of charming guest stars. One name-change, a Google Pay account and another calendar change later, LINER NOTES chugs along with -- dare I say it? -- a purpose.

We love providing a forum to fan a creative spark. Artists and newbies alike make our hearts race. When you come through that rickety door with a tight chest and leave with relaxed shoulders, we know we've done our jobs. Our pleasures are simple -- Nate loves to draw, I love to play music -- so we don't worry about whether we get our jollies. However, when you come out and undergo this process of coordinated looking and listening with us, we always look at each other like, "Did that *really* happen?" We're lucky to have you and thank you very much.


Late December calls for lookbackyness, so we turned to you. Who cares about D&N's favorite jams of 2011 -- what were our favorite jams? Many of you don't settle for sloppy Top 40, so there was no surprise that NPR/P4K faves PJ, Tune-Yards and Bon Iver made the cut. Y'all also keep the candle burning on film, as well, so Ryan Gosling's soundtrack had to make an appearance.

Sure, we're getting older, so our tastes continue looking back in nostalgia. Wu-Tang x Fugazi = more proof of Rock's thesis that you'll always love the soundtrack you lost your virginity to. Then again, young lion Kendrick Lamar is a stunning exception to the rule for running circles around fools with couplets like: "And this is riga-mortis /and it's gorgeous when you die"

I briefly met Shara Worden when she performed with Sarah Kirkland Snider at WNYC. Yes, she is wee. And, yes, her voice is stunning. My Brightest Diamond deserves its accolades, but none of this prepares you for her Blind Wilie Johnson chops. Her voice moans through moldy floorboards like gales of phantom winds. Of course, credit Colin Stetson for building the decrepit manor that attempts to house her words. Good thing I never went whole hog in the horn game: Colin is killin' it.

Louis C.K. set the tone for the evening's close, because, fuck, it's been the year of Louis/Louie. His album Hilarious is great. His DIY special is actually that: "special." Thank you for reminding us of what is actually awesome, and for painting the sound, fury and utter banality of parenthood.


Thank you all again for another lovely year of doodles, jams and late-night gabs. We'll be back on January 25. Be ready to continue kickin' it.

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