Monday, July 18, 2011

+DRAWING+MODEL+MUSIC+BEER+: Small World & POWER & News Of The World

Small World playlist

POWER playlist

News of the World


summer 2011

Wow. A lot of catching up to do.

We've been back at the mansion for the past two sessions. As always, the space is dramatic, yet embracing. No doubt, the model responds by taking advantage of the grand piano, plush couch or various potential props laying about. And the community feeds off that energy with some off-the-wall interpretations (we'll post images from the last few sessions to the F-book page shortly). Lately, we've seen a lot of mixed media: sharpies, watercolors and unknown color sticks found in the depths of an office drawer. And we love 'em all -- keep it up, y'all.

The music has been increasingly informed by current events. 2011 is shaping up to be a banner year for attention-grabbing headlines. Only made sense to respond via the POWER and News of the World (the latter morphed into spying and creepy looking more than anything else) themes. By comparison, Small World -- or covers of songs in foreign languages -- seems quaint and, well, small. But for me they're all exercises in finding nuances in each idea.

Oh, and buried up above is the latest seasonal blend. It's filled with jams produced this year. Dig it. I'm working on another blend of music I'm actually listening to this summer, as opposed to stuff from this year. I.e., I tend to listen to older music.

summer 2011

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