Sunday, April 24, 2011


Let's Ride playlist

Hi Lo Hi playlist

It's strangely appropriate that these last two set-lists are going up late. Our model at the "Let's Ride" session was struck by some hefty coughing fits, which forced us to flip around some poses times. And the model for our "Hi Lo Hi" session was a no-show, so Nate modeled instead! All kinds of calamity, I know.

However, both turned out exceptionally well. I might say these were two of the most interesting sessions. The post-drawing socializing and sharing at the "Let's Ride" session was quite intense. People shared a wide range of ideas on how to capture the model, including a broad use of color, lines, minimalism and maximalism. And maybe it was the fact that everyone is flippin' nice and helped the model with cups of water and the such, the group bond felt tight.

Oh, and the music was fun. I always like music for or about cruising. Perhaps it's an Angeleno thing. Then again the other day I was on the prowl for a guayabera at Nick & Son in the LES the other day listening to the low rider soul and realizing how much more I love these straight-forward ballads. Call me middle-aged and soft inside.

The "Hi Lo Hi" session was remarkable as it featured the debut of Nate on the modeling platform. While neither he nor I were happy with the model's no-show, everyone was really treated b/c Nate did a phenomenal job. He hit all the qualities we look for in our models: the ability to hold dynamic poses, as well as focus attention on details one would not have otherwise noticed. And, yes, he kept his clothes on.

Fittingly he also gets credit for coming up with the music theme. A few months ago over burgers and sheeps milk, he shared his fascination with singers who use falsetto and singers with low voices. I actually don't remember who he had in mind, but I'm sure he wasn't thinking of Tiny Tim dueting with himself on "I Got You Babe" or Asakawa Maki's reaching down to belt "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child." Another reason why I love our collaboration: we constantly feed each other ideas that spin out in fresh, unexpected ways. Patting ourselves on the back here...

One word of business: we'll be back with another session soon, but will likely take some time off in May to do some fine-tuning. We're looking for a new space and doing some "back-end" work, but we'll be coming back with some even more awesome sauce for y'all.

Can't wait to see y'all with your drawing boards.

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