Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Me Home

Oh, it's Pride in NYC this weekend.
Penelope Edmund
"Hey (DJ Trident & Sister Mantos Remix)"

sintalentos: summer 2010

Summer is the one season that doesn't represent change. In terms of everything from the literal (like the weather) or the abstract (like moods), the other three seasons often feel like transition periods. Fall begets Winter which begets Spring = the life-death-life cycle. But summer? Summer is not the jump-off to Fall, it just is.

Maybe that's why the best summer music is often so simple. Like an act free of premeditation, it represents pure nowness, the core essence of just being. S'why there's incessant pogoing with Posner. S'why there's manic jangle from those Swedish Brasileiras--or is it the other way around?

Ironically, s'why there's probably also the shamelessly ignorant: what do you get when you stir R. Kelly + "chocolate?" Or the shamelessly repetitive (even N.E.R.D.s know to get to the hook within 15 seconds).

Admittedly, for being such an in-the-moment season my subconscious seems to be on constant nostalgia watch. Bands called Delorean. Zola Jesus with her big beat side project. There's even a cumbia-fied Re-return Of The Mack. And my favorite cut? The surprisingly reflective "All I Want."

Enough chatter: enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Drake: Fireworks (Feat. Alicia Keys)
Killer Mike: Ready Set Go (Feat. T.I.)
Kurupt: Bounce, Rock, Skate (Kurupted Mix) (Feat. DJ Drama, Snoop Dogg, Terrace Martin & DJ Quik)
El Hijo de la Cumbia: Cumbia Dale Maradona (Remix)
Nika+Rory: Do You Wanna Be?
White Flight: Panther
Mark Morrison: Return Of The Mack (SDP Remix)
Lil' Jon: Ms. Chocolate (Feat. R.Kelly & Mario)
Delorean: Simple Graces
N.E.R.D.: Hot & Fun (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
Gyptian: Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)
Big Boi: Lookin 4 Ya (Feat. Sleepy Brown & Andre 3000)
Christina Aguilera: Elastic Love (Feat. M.I.A.)
Zuzuka Poderosa: Anel (Bonde do Zombinhos Remix)
Martin Brothers: Duck Face
Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix Final Version)
Garotas Suecas: Codinome Dinamite
LCD Soundsystem: All I Want
Rusko: Woo Boost
Usher / Trey Songz: Lil' Freak

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