Friday, June 04, 2010

Boomin' In Your Jeep

sintalentos: jeep beats

One of the best things about catching the occasional ride home with Eborn after our weekly work-out is the chance to chop it up about beats and to let his system boom. The summer stick is already thick in the air, so an open window and Boot Camp will surely be our coolants for the next few months.

Coupled with my summer annual wisp of nostalgia, I now have jeeps on the brain. Remember how cats used to talk about jeep beats? I think I understood the term broadly: low end + kicking drums + sporty vehicle with a completely exposed frame = hot fun in the summertime. I never really thought too deeply on it, probably because my generation was more interested in lex, coups, beamaz and benz (as I stared blankly out of the yellow bus, RTD or Josh's Volvo).

Oh Word covered the overlooked jeep beat gem Da King & I's Contemporary Jeep Music a while back. But there hasn't been too much recent coverage on jeep beats as a style or trope. I put this blend together to get the wheels turning. Funny how most meta songs -- in this case, the ones that specifically talk about jeep music or jeep this and that -- rarely capture the essence of what they are trying to be meta about. If anything, the joints that don't address jeepness -- KRS & Primo, EPMD, Nas & Extra P -- seem to capture the spirit more succinctly.

Nothing more to add for now because I don't know where this is going.

Da King & I: Contemporary Jeep Music
The Funke Natives: Urban Contemporary Jeep Music (Vocal)
Masta Ace Incorporated: Jeep Ass Niguh / Jeep Ass Niguh (Dusted Mix)
Kenny Dope: Boomin' In Ya Jeep (Feat. Screechy Dan) (LP Version)
Madonna: Erotica (Jeep Beats)
Tha 9-X Cru: Smoked Hickory (Jeep Version)
Terminator X: Homey Don't Play Dat (Feat. Bonnie 'N' Clyde)
KRS-One: Outta Here
EPMD: Total Kaos
NaS: Halftime
Big L: Put It On
Tragedy: Da Funk Mode (Feat. Havoc)
Domino: Getto Jam [West Coast Jeep Dub]
LL Cool J: Back Seat
Lost Boyz: Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz
A Tribe Called Quest: Jazz (We've Got)
Black Moon: How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) (Bushwick Jeep Mix)
Terminator X: Can't Take My Style (Instrumental)

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