Friday, March 02, 2007

Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame on the fools

Wu-Tang Clan - "Shame on a [BANNED IN NEW YORK]" (mp3)
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Syl Johnson - "Different Strokes" (mp3)
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Thelonious Monk - "Black & Tan Fantasy" (mp3)
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Apparently, somebody felt the spirit of Black History Month 2007 and went Mr. Smith. Now, the NYC streets need to watch its mouth ~ lest the speech police wash it out?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a "God" (or, a 22-year old with "high-functioning autism") scrawls a hate-filled screed and the world (well, the Asian one) delivers a prompt, "Ho, Sit Down!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to social discourse in the 21st century.

Most of my grief and disgust with the latter topic has already been expressed, principally in Oliver's terrific posts and Jeff's will-someone-hurry-up-and-please-can-this-entire-rag? observation. To wit, the kid is: a) a kid; b) a kid who can't write; c) a kid who evidently ignored his momma's lesson that first doesn't mean best, especially in the field of sci-fi writing; d) a kid with painfully obvious issues; and e) a kid being taken advantage of by the true culprits, the editors at Asian Week. I would try to use Eng's jibberjabber as a jump-off for a discussion on Afro-Asian relations, but a) Eng is talkin' jibberjabber; and b) Oli, again, already pointed the way to better ones.

As for the first topic, I suppose I feel grief and disgust, but in a different sense. The response is more out of frustration that this is how "the ball gets rolling" -- duct-taping a person into compliance, or sweeping a matter under the rug. "You can't propagate it because it's in the books!" But, as Chris Rock said to a Reuters reporter in response to the news, "Do judges say, '10 years, nigger!'" In both instances, I am saddened that racial discourse has been reduced to unstable outbursts and jerrymandered debates.

Which leads me to ask, what is wrong with disagreement or dischord in life? Family is the first group identity we form and we all know the fallouts and shitfits that can ensue therein. So, what the fuss when it happens outside of the family, as well? Different strokes, indeed. Takes a conquerer mentality to control every situation and bend others' will to your... oh, I see the parallel.


Once upon a time, a Duke and his royal party came upon an intersection of two roads, each signified by a different color. The party became confused, as no one knew which path would take them safely on their journey and which would lead them astray. The Duke, astute as he was, noticed the similar colors of each path: one dark, and the other a few drops lighter. Halting his party's chatter, he calmly shared his discovery. His party nodded their heads in understanding and approval and followed the mighty duke, as they carved a new path.

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