Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Buddy, Rich

Pre flyin' off the handle

Mick Boogie and Rich Boy - The Premix (Download here, here, or here)

I spoke with duke last week for an interview which posted over at Prefix. While "Throw Some D's" is that mysterious itch of the moment, Rich was surprisingly articulate (though I still can't uckf with a 'bama accent), humble, and... pleasant. In truth, I haven't heard anything else of his that has really grabbed me, but he spoke about some collaborations and song topics that peaked my interest in his upcoming self-titled debut. One such cut, "Role Models," is a collabo with David Banner that is included in the above Mick Boogie 'promo' tape (ah, isn't that what mixtapes always were?). Haven't given this a listen yet, but what do y'all think? Any future beyond "D's"?

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