Thursday, May 04, 2006

Catch Rub

Mookie do the dummy retarded and ride the yellow bus

Asobi Seksu - "Thursday" (mp3)
(purchase here)

"Hyphy rejects this macho Apollonian pose, finding it unnatural and inhibiting. Instead it prizes a Dionysian authenticity of feeling over some make-believe authenticity to street stoicism." ~ "Wild Wild West," Village Voice, Rogue Strew

Um, sure. I just dunno if I'd read so much romanticism in Mister F.A.B.

That said, kids looking to "flail, emote or purge," look no further than the sonic stylings of two of the Bay's choicest tasters Matthew Africa and Joe Quixx. Not cos they're stuck on the hyphy newness -- oh no... They are the Lakers '84 starting 5. They are the A-Team. They are MacGuyver. They are Big Boy's Neighborhood (well, at least before the lipo): well-rounded and all-around phatness. Yes, spelled with a "ph." As in pretty huge...

Dibs on mix of the year: I held off on mentioning Africa's (yes, that is his given name) new mix until I received it... and it is Solid. Soul Boulders is a collabo blend with DJ B.Cause of soulful and sexy nuggets sure to please stinky wax lovers and to induce lovers to wax each other's stinky. Oli posted a touch of the mix a week back, so peep it while you can. Or, just go to the above show and cop it yourself.

In truth, Asobi Seksu has nothing to do with anything I just wrote, except that their name fits in with the general lewdness of this posting. In truth, I keep mistaking them with the raunchier yet vastly more titillatingly titled Seksu Roba. In truth, the record's a little too Andrew WK happy banging for me. But I'm into the epic, vaguely U2-ish, Walkmen-ish, fill-in-the-blank-ish "Thursday." Plus, I started this post on a Thursday.

Really, we'll talk about Steve in a second. In the meantime, good lookin' out to: dp, for making me think my boss was talking to me on work time (hey, even a gal from paris, texas knows about those government monkeys); Meeks, who'll hopefully land a spot on this bill; m-dub, for reminding me to eat; and ds, who's finally building 2.0!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Las Días Sintalentos

Let the sun shine

Mia Doi Todd - "The Last Night of Winter" (Campanella/Hellie remix) (mp3)
(purchase here)

"what's up with sintalentos?"

"he coolin' in the studio."

"i heard his new shit on the radio."

"what new shit?"

"his new song on the radio. that shit was pretty tight."

"nahh... errr! pump your brakes - there ain't no new song on the radio..."

Instead of waiting for a "good time" to update, I just need to jump back on this bootch. Ahem. So, yes: the dude is definitely back again, but I'm back to win, so tell a friend.

In spite of all the nutsosity runnin' 'round, spring has seemingly awakened the slumbering. And they've at least stirred the nation.

A new season is in the air and I'm delighted to see people filling the streets.

So, winter has passed into a loving embrace. Hence, a quick kiss from Mia before moving on.

Not that the past few months have been a bust. There've been some good looks for Asiatica; some mentally questionable looks; and reports that more people than I once thought are wearing Asian looks.

As usual, Notes kept me in the loop:In closing: Pardon the dudject line this time - but I sincerely hope you get the reference. Peep the links as there are new additions to the sintalentos fam: will reluctance accept the call of the interweb's open arms? And, for fear that I may not post up on Friday, here's a shout on behalf of my stromie from the Yay:

"The Rub"
Saturday, May 6
f/ DJ Eleven, Joe Quixx and Matthew Africa (grab the knowledge on the humblest dj I know)
125 5th Avenue
$10 doods, $5 doodettes

I would promote my party, but it'd be a 'conflict of interest...'

PS - Please tell me you saw Stephen Colbert deliver the closing statement at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. We must discuss.