Monday, February 20, 2006

What's Been Happenin'

Personally, I preferred Penny from Good Times

The Jacksons - "Can You Feel It" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Just got back into town -- boy, my arms are actually tired, mostly from the cold congealing all of my blood. However, no complaints because the gig was off the chain. Thanks to everyone that came, especially Rachel and the models who didn't stop 'til they got enough, and then continued to shook they bodies on down to the ground (don't worry, I have plenty o' Jackoisms). Of course, I managed to hit another gig without taking any pictures, slanging any product, or even picking up a program (no hofessional flyers here). If anyone could forward me images, footage or even the printed goodness (I am currently jacking mrs. dirtystylus' copy, and I am feeling hella bad about that...), please hit me at the contact info to the right. I would be more than happy to trade with a copy of my last mix monkeytude, signed, sealed and delivered!

Today is just going to be housekeeping, though there is an obvious abundance to discuss, laugh about, or at least pray for.

So, to make sure all our minds our right, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is sintalentos. I run this blog, sintalentos, though Ben, dirtystylus and Michelle often provide the juciest bittles. In all, it's a family affair.

I never mapped out a mission statement, though I still think my first post sums this spot up: "I hope to use this as a medium to look at art in its place. After all, I find it difficult to look at any art completely removed from context." While I often focus on hip-hop-related matters, I would not consider this site to be specific to the culture, nor any one culture. Rather, like Bakwari Kitwana, I consider myself a part of a generation that views contemporary affairs through a particular filter. Hence, the story behind some of the stories herein...

Every once in a while, I attempt to create a weekly theme or thread, but because I do not know of a way to organize posts by subject through Blogger I tend to drop this idea quickly. In truth, that's my lame excuse for not learning web design, let alone TypePad, so the goal is to update my skill-set for the 20th century at some point.

Yes, you can call this site an mp3 blog, because I host mp3s. They are there for you. Go ahead, clickity clack! Of course, read the disclaimer to the right. For those who are not familiar with YSI or Rapidshare, these are public sites that host files. In short, when you click on the mp3 hyperlink above and you see a white page with a "YouSendIt" banner and a funny hyperlink about your file being ready to download, it's ok, that's for you. Or, if you see an admittedly more intimdating page emblazoned with a futuristic "RapidShare" logo, some text in either German or English asking you if you would like to pay for their services of use their services for free, just click on the free button; this will send you to a page where, often times, there will be a message asking you to wait n-seconds before your download is ready; please, be patient, it's usually only a 20 second wait; a security verfication box appears (like when you purchase tix on ticketmaster and they ask you to type the letters from the distorted box to verify the purchase), so follow the instructions, press enter and the download will begin. Sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, trust me -- and, most important, it's for you!

Lastly, I would like to remind folks to please feel free to leave comments. This is a public site and I love dialogue and conversation, though friends may kindly remind me of my stand-offish moments (to which I respond, "Shh!"). Plus, I know most of you are coming for the mp3s, so the least you can do is say, "Thank you."

Anyway, thanks again to Damon, Joseph and everbody at R&B Coffee for all their hard work. And big ups to Alphonso and Trey for being stuck on the realness -- music do make you lose control. Today's selection is my favorite cut from Trey that night.

Remember how in Seven, you were supposed to feel bad for all the 'victims' of the seven deadly sins? But did you feel that bad for the morbidly obese dude? I mean, it sucks to be killed for being lazy, but, really, he was going to die anyway, right? Well, it's the same in life: No Sympathy For Sloth. No frontin' here, I pay for my laziness...

So, high-tail it to Dallas Penn, the first word in 'what's happenin'...'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your posts are cogently formatted and I have to say I think I have agreed with you almost 100% on everything from you that I've read. That's prah'lee why I haven't commented yet. But I understand and respect how comments can be motivation to grind even harder.

With that being said, can a nigga get a link on your sidebar, or at least a shout out when you pull an image from one of my posts?

dayyyyum biatches

3:52 PM  
Blogger sintalentos said...

thanks for the nod... and for catching a real embarassing jack! first, you beat me to my laziness in not writing to you today about adding your link: problem solved. second, you beat me to my subconscious "oh, that's why that image looked familiar... and why i was laughing about 'The Happening' in DC..." readers, i got my mind right; now get yours:

11:34 PM  

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