Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Epilogue for Alfie

Sky's the Limit

four tet - "Smile Around The Face" (video in real, wm, qt)
(purchase here)

"Good things come to those who wait." Certainly feels impossible and/or implausible when you're in the midst. Sometimes, the in-between can become positively negative and unbearable.

So, what is it that brings a smile around your face?

I had been meaning to post on four tet's DVD/CD addendum Everything Ecstatic: Films & Part 2. In truth, the "Smile" single from that last album was the only cut to catch play around these parts, but for worthwhile reasons. A steadily building break buttresses helium melodies that still engender the original loop's soul -- consider it Kieran's "Solitude" to Kanye's "String of Pearls." Director Dan Wilde (director of 2005's Alpha Male) gets "it," that elusive ability to interpret another's work, minus the self-absorption and plus the communicative ability. What he comes up with is a concise spin on the deceptive sadness of this cut. Although, I admit: a Happy Ending in the Modern World? Bah!

Back in the real world, the wait paid off: these guys will be paying me. Again. Smiles abound, but things here will likely slow down for the time being. That doesn't mean the roll will slow any! Look out for House of Flying Monkeys, House of Flying Asiatica and more mixes, coming soon...


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