Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You Got Me Smilin'

Source Quotable?

Fab 5 Freddy - "Change the Beat" (Original 12" French Rap Version) (mp3)
(purchase here)

DJ Cam - "Love Junkee" f/ Cameo (J Dilla remix) (mp3)
(purchase here)

Census says: non-headz wanna cop that ill-Narnia Chronic. I agree, there're some funnies. And that parody shouldn't be the trump card of quality, espcially cos this hip hop thing hasn't slowed its roll quite yet.

That said, fratboy funtime usually takes special seconds in the innovation race, so who's trippin'? Some GarageBand drums over some church bells, heavy synths, Em drayma... oh wait, doesn't this sound familiar? That's why I'm sayin': don't trip.

Here're a couple reasons to shout hip hop hooray. First, four score and twenty-something years ago, Fab 5 got freaky en Français. Glad to hear that hip hop didn't hit snooze when Sugarhill rang the wake up bell; they got busy with the hustle and pushed its boundaries. Scored the 12 at the Lab, you say? Well, I'll see your 12 and raise you 2 discs. The Celluloid Years is being rereleased this coming March, so you'll be able to get this and your entire Wild Stylish fix in one package.

Fast forward a couple dozen and hip hop's cross-continental journey makes its way back. Cam (no, not Killa) has been making the rounds for a while now, so perhaps its due time for the accolades to come in. What better way than to have your friends remix you? On his latest, Kenny Dope, Thievery and even the Funky Man Finesse stop by to lend a hand, but I know you all on Dilla's dilz, so take a bite outta this pickle. Salt washes outta this syrup-thick pro-doct, on some pre-Spacek vibe before fading Swayze on the outro. And this is from 03!

Onward forward to the year 3000 may be a stretch, but please don't think hip hop done stopped. After all, you gotta keep reachin' for tha starz! ;)


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