Friday, January 06, 2006

Season of the Bait'n Switch

Ice Queen Cometh?

Kanye West f/ Adam Levine - "Heard 'Em Say" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" (mp3)
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"They say people in your life are seasons / And anything that happens is for a reason."

Bells ring, rings exchanged, while others seek schooling, move on... all old adages going in one ear. More of a different ilk being hit off courtesy Mr. Kane's latest hit, albeit on a different tip. Perfect for the winter: twinkling pianos, spare beat and a somber reflection summing up the bait'n switch, the carrot'n stick, endless cycles of hope struggling against struggle. Seen the videos? Bill Plympton flips a dark (by his standards) style, b&w a perfect pad to tone down his humor. But I'm with Oli on the absolutely heartbreaking Michel Gondry version. The set up is picture perfect picture-making: children animating their dreams in a center of commerce, all symbols of hope, yet being tamed by adults, uniform and reality. The use of kids is easy but simple, a perfect match for Grandma Kane's words.

The word then becomes look within for strength. Consider Ella and Louis' romp a pat on the back to both solo and duos (and a less perverse response to Zooey and Leon's coos). No Lonely Hearts Club, just fill up on some borscht for the soul.

Disclaimer: I'll be putting up a post soon about rappers using kids which may contradict what I just said. But fugg it, that's how I roll.


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