Thursday, January 19, 2006



Cam'Ron - "You Got To Love It" (mp3; via Fader)

I suppose it's all a bit underwhelming, mostly because it took Cam so long to come and speak his mind. Was the "diamond thrown up before them shots were fired" the real reason for the delay? Um, yeah. Right.

I'm with J Smooth that precedent makes me hesitant to make a big hoopla out of this. Which is a shame because stylistically the two are suited to go toe-to-toe -- or, is that open-toed-to-toe? Then again, considering where each is at in their careers respectively, Jay is not only "at an all time high" but really could say goodbye while Cam still needs to be hungry, so this comes off as bitter.

As for the song itself, it's odd because it's not the big bang I was expecting. The Joe Camel and Coc-A-Wear shots are predictable, the beat is overblown and too long and, finally, dragging Beyonce in is a cheap shot. Like Cam doesn't have enough disses for Jay himself? Why bring in the celebrity GF? Perhaps Cam really thinks this is just Round 1 and is saving the heavy hitters for later. But how ugly will ugly get? And that's precisely why a fiasco can't be made out of this. That said, the Chali Baltimore line is kinda funny. And, of course, the sandals lines. Hilarious because I prefer flip-flops with slates.


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