Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Heart Need Not Be A Lonely Hunter

Gracefully, into the night

Bobby Caldwell - "Open Your Eyes" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Sugar Minott - "Sandy" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Hello, again.

Withers has got some baggage these days, but only about as much as the next 67-year old. With mortality around the corner, the mind turns inward once again. Instead of the 17-year old wondering, "What will be?" a half-century turns the reflection to, "What has been?" No more tomorrows.

I wish I had asked him how he feels when he hears his old music. After all, seems he lived up to their lessons in turning his life toward family.

A couple seemingly unrelated numbers today, but both find comfort in company. Watching elders drift further into independence, I suppose the lesson then is to embrace the selflessness of an open heart now. Now's the time -- right, Bird?

Caldwell keeps it contemporary to Withers' grown'n sexy while Minott throws the tone further back. While the singer sticks to his known repertoir of lover's rockisms here, the selfless sentiment is a wonderful reminder -- duke has been running his own promotion company since the inception of his superstar career. From peers like Johnny Osbourne to newer folk like Junior Brooks, it's a family affair.

Not to kill the hope vibe, but shouldn't a republic be just a lil', y'know, let let me in? You'd think ours would banner ad something like a State of the Union address. 9pm EST on every major network channel.


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