Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chronicles of Checking Yourself

Milkshakes: bringing all the man-children to the yard

Slant 6 - "Soda Pop-Rip Off" (mp3)
(purchase here)


Adults: Please do not pose for photos with soda in your hand.
  • First, it's classy to ass-like.
  • Second, it screams regressive childhood.
  • Third, no, diet doesn't make it better.
  • Fourth, cola is the worst offender. All I can think of is that grilled meat smell in your mouth after the initial rush of all that coca, corn syrup and sucrose.
I think C&D may be on to the same or similar idea. Check up on it.


I receive another lesson in instant karma. So, yes, this is the last time I behave so spitefully. Hopefully.


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