Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just Like a Child

Cradle of Cats

Mates of State - "Nature and the Wreck" (mp3)
(order here)

Want to know why I miss the Bay? Because of such sunshine joy as Mates of State. While some company dwell in misery, this pair sings without a care... Hey, such pure sincerity is a refreshing turn from the awkward flashes that occupy plenny pods and thoughts.

A penny: "You need me to put you in the trees."

Love not so much as extroverted passion as it is introspective and protective. An escape pod for two, a journey built together... like child and parent... or like the one between a certain super-gorilla and an über-waif? The beautiful inevitable likened to parental.

Tomorrow, one last year-end type business, then we'll meet at 6!


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