Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Girls, Girls, Girls

Guys can't tell

M.O.T.O. (Masters of the Obvious) - "The Chicks Can Tell" (mp3)
(purchase here; search for the various artists Floosh! compilation, Little Teddy LP Release 035)

Sold your soul lately for a ricecake?

Such was the lebel (no typo) of fecality (ditto) that roughly 1M stepped in this past weekend. In my humble opinion.

But more on this embarassment tomorrow, because, really, the weekend was quite pleasant in these parts. And, today, we look forward to another year in the neverending quest for concrete lurvin'. Sure, some have already paired off and have been retiring around the log. Thank goodness one lustful soul continues to stoke the flame. Skanks for the mix!

Comin' straight from the city of wind comes a blend about -- wot, wot, wot??!? -- mysterious Venus and the Mars that follow. idontkaren makes it difficult to pick favorites because they are all spectacular nuggets of soda pop rocks explosions. Ah, so much to get your mouth around! (by the way, thanks very much to the Balboa Observer-Picayune for tracking that splendid quote. I digress, once again)

So, as the 06 approaches and men don their muscle tees and other Hot Cops-accoutrement for the annual pea-cock parade, I would like to respond with this proud number from one of New Orleans/Boston/Chicago's finest, M.O.T.O. With pride and pomp, the band struts and chucks off "hormones and pheromones" in a manner unbeknownst even to Strauss. Nerds and jocks, take a cue -- it's all in the confident backbeat, brothers.

For more information on M.O.T.O., please visit their site or myspace page. Their new album, Raw Power (yes, they are that good, if they can pull off using that title), is available through Criminal IQ Records.


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