Monday, November 21, 2005

Spittin' Wicked Randomness

Black Pantha

Seu Jorge - "Tu Queria" (mp3)
(purchase here)

The weekend trifecta of femme s-s (singer-songwriters, that is; perhaps "Pagan Pop" is a better term??) was mostly motivating and ass-kicking... though I suppose baby mumbles and baby shambles were a kick in the ass to Get Major. F'real. By the way, why am I still uckfing with blogger? Any web designers wanna do a site for me?

Been a while since we rolled over, so here's some funny:

  • Boston Market Loves Bales of Cocaine. And Thanksgiving. ~ Once upon a yesterday, you had country-inspired progeny like Robbie Fulks pushing the good ol' product. So, leave it to Rev. Horton Heat to lead the congregation astray. In the spirit of the holiday season, Heat brings the heat on behalf of... Boston Market: "Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble" (mp3) is the joint for BM's new TV ads. Has anyone else seen these spots? Thanks to Ben.

  • I Pity The Fool Who Use GPS ~ Most people remember Burt Reynolds for his dramatic emoting in the Cannonball Run series, but word in the industry is that producers were initially drawn to his master's studies in cartography ("The blue part must be land..."). Most know Mr. T for his flexing on the A-Team, but his secret passion has always been motivational haiku. In the late '60s, Dennis Hopper was viewed by millions as the space cadet co-pilot to Peter Fonda's off-the-beaten-track cap'n, but those in the know knew DH to be hugely influential in smoothing the vision of Easy Rider. None of this is true, but Wanderlust Media and Tele Atlas will have you believin' it when they unveil their new Navtones in-car GPS system. The company addresses the circumstance of "a lot of people [being] frustrated with the voices on their navigation systems and talk[ing] back to them" by drafting the above esteemed talent to take on the role of the ghost in the machine. Now, instead of berating 'JoJo' for telling you to turn left at Sycamore when all you've seen is Pine, Maple, Huckleberry, Dingleberry, Dinglewood, Dangleworth, and Pine again... well, you might think twice. (via Spine)

  • You Know What They Say About Guys With Big Socks? ~ "Actress Joy Bryant amused friends last week with tales from the set of 'Get Rich or Die Tryin', in which she stars opposite 50 Cent. Apparently one scene called for Senor Cent to seem nude, but the first-time actor didn't realize he need not literally take off all his clothes on the set. 'He came out butt-naked,' Bryant said, according to a pal who heard the story. 'I told him to go to the wardrobe department and go put a sock on.' To the amusement of cast and crew, he duly reappeared wearing the biggest sock anyone had ever seen." (via C&D)

  • And Now For The Intenionally Funny... ~ Chuck Klosterman now writes a monthly column for All right, it's not terribly funny. But it's well written. Thanks again to Ben.

No real theme for today, so the song is a quick nod to the kind server at Palacinka who I nearly stiffed. I promise to pay closer attention next time!


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