Friday, November 18, 2005

The Politics of Pushing (G) Units

Still asking, can we be equal and excellent, too?

George Harrison - "Isn't It A Pity?" (mp3)
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"You have people on radio in their mid-30’s and above talking like they are teenagers. It’s because they are scared to grow up on air. If they do, they may lose cool points. They may not resonate with that younger generation. But they know they gotta ACT like they do to keep their job and get that money... We have a lot of COWARDS - please quote me on that - who are scared to use their validity for the sake of the greater good. That’s selling out, bottom line." ~ Sway (link)

Woke up with lockjaw, jawin' in my sleep about G, GQ (by the way, why is it that when I google "GQ, 50 Cent Cover," I come up with this as my first response?), and all the D Block-Diddy nonsense. Even if this is strictly business, what is the benefit in sticking completely to the terms of a contract? Is that how we guide our lives: by binding our behaviour to written guidelines and being unable to negotiate them? If numbers guide personal behaviour, perhaps this heap of isht is for you; after all, numbers don't lie, right?

The above quote from Sway is not in reference to the D Block breakout on Hot97, yet it resonates resoundly. Yes, the media doesn't help when they choose to report this nonsense and fail to provide equitable coverage for progressive stances such as squashing beef; Yes, the consumer doesn't help when they choose to buy into the dray-ma and recycle tales about it; Yes, the industry still adheres to Rule #4080... Yet, at the end of the day, each person is accountable for their self and for their self only. Is there not a place to assess our own actions? Does increasing knowledge of sef' mean living strictly by the letter? Sounds familiar...


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