Thursday, November 17, 2005

No Apologies

What would Jesus do?

FatLip - "First Heat" (mp3)
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One More Hit trailer (quicktime)

Beanie Sigel - "Look At Me Now" (f/ Rells) (mp3)
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“While it’s perfectly legitimate to criticize my decision or the conduct of the war, it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began.” (link)

Excuse you!

Ego makes it a pill to face the past. Certainly, haven't we all been humbled at one point or another? As my grandma says about the family philosopher: "Pshaw. I changed his diapers." Choices made mark a path irreversible. So how we reconcile them charts the coming course.

Once comin' up on the Good Life, FatLip and J-Swift now scrap in the present because of their respective pasts. The Spike Jeezy joint got the unlived lookin' to live vicariously through another man's feelins. Fast forward: "Livin' in mom's till / Cos I drank the millions." Happy now? Fat Leezy and Swifty gear up in the sexiest reality fetish; now Pay 'Em. Remember, these were the cats that gave you, "Oh Sh..."

A minute back, B Mac reached back while standing on the verge of a term. B. Coming swerved remorseful, then wrathful, tense then zen such as on "Look:" "My life in shape like I run a mile a day." And critics responded. But how can he look to the sun when he gets thrown by his sons and fam?

Wes Jack made the correlation between hip hop and Republicans a while back (via Notes), but this conservation of reputation seems across the board.


"This how we voice our opinion... cos we ain't corporate, we ain't industry, so we gotta let the streets know that. This is how we voice our opinion: through the airwaves, through the mixtapes, through songs. We can't voice our opinion through lawyers... you've seen what we gotta do to have a meeting... don't try to confuse the listeners and the streets to think that it's all that simple..." ~ Styles P on Hot97

A dirty, shameful look at the industry and how its captains make rank. But, really, where was Angie? Jada and Styles have every right to be heated, but how is a public shouting match gonna move anyone or anything forward? On the other hand, will people really lean up on Diddy now and press for a change? In either case, sad that grown men can't settle business from ten years back, especially when both stand to profit. Peep Hip Hop Game for the clip in Real (via Spine).

Detail highlights: Styles putting Diddy's success and Jada putting their non-relationship with 50 in perspective.

  • "The 50 situation isn't real beef... comin' from the street or comin' from anywhere, you know when you have real beef with someone... To the people, you can't get it misconstrued: this is a way for everybody to make money... He used 'Piggy Bank' and it worked for him... Jimmy Iovine is a man about business... he doesn't care about all [the gossip]; a hot song is a hot song..." ~ Styles
  • "[The situation with 50] is just something like the WWF with the people; we never came from the same hood... this is just all words; and if the people like it and it's gonna make money, we can keep it goin' forever. But it's gotta be on a fair scale." ~ Jada
  • "I got more into something with Diddy than I got with Fiddy!" ~ Jada

Admitted funny moment: When Jada told Angie to play the "Rock'n Roll" version of "Benjamins." Now, don't some things deserve an apology?


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