Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lipp, Inc.

Ike Likes Lipp!

Eliot Lipp - "Brand New" (mp3)
(info on purchase here)

Pardon the obvious title, but consider it another update of the familiar. Producer Eliot Lipp embraces his youth and employs the help of some familiar sounds. No one consistent beat pattern on this puppy, but plenty of references: album opener "Glasspipe" is bedroom Metro Area, a night cruise for Saturns instead of the 5 Series (peep Scissorkick for sound, while it lasts); "Tic Tac" is a thief's theme through ESL's bass system; "Check Weight" is a down pillow fight with a Banbarra break; and "Last Night" has cowbell (who doesn't love a good cowbell?). Enjoyable and encouraging, my pick is "Brand New" wherein Lipp flips Pharrell's synths with some cool keys. What more can I say? New kids know the biz...

NY can check out Eliot tonight at:

25 Ave B (between 2nd & 3rd)
East Village, NY
Early show - on stage at 8PM

Here's more from the press release (niceness on the IDM comment):

"ELIOT LIPP will be previewing material from his forthcoming album TACOMA MOCKINGBIRD due out in early 2006 on HEFTY. Eliot sites Bay Area and Detroit rap, classic electro, 70's fusion, early 90's techno, and Chicago post-rock bands as styles that influence his music along with Kanye West whose a big inspiration not for his music but how he does things his way. Even though he makes instrumental music that could be considered either hip hop or IDM he considers a lot of IDM be just modern day elevator music. His sound is more expansive and unique."


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