Monday, January 01, 2001


[updated Feb. 2011]

dirtystylus: the man
eleven: the myth
matthew africa: the legend
no skills: got in the van
reborn: cool
sergio: go bang!
trident: BASS

chang: essential hip-hop history reading
choy: teens in half moon bay have the coolest librarian
dallas: truth speaker from around the way
dantrification: more essential hip-hop history reading
illdoctrine: hip-hop's npr spokesman
jane dark: my poetry fix
oh word: bringing back that boom bap rap
poplicks: oh slick, it's o-dub! (and junichi)
joe sixpack: the guru of everything
small precautions: this isn't just history
ta-nehisi: everyday is a beautiful struggle
this ph.d. candidate could be your life: 2003 changed it all

abnorml: surprisingly normal
abcd's: bestie with the best eats
bh vfx: better'n 3-d
busayo: bringin' joy to your closet
caroline mak: where did your long hair go?
che, pedimos empanadas?: a boy in BA
conrad digital: photo needs a touch-up
eatdrinkonewoman: ny state of food
[fmr*oi]: nyc is a zoo
francis estrada: artist and a fighter
frank 151: zoo york
humanity critic: nappy diatribe
kevin shea: a kim of comedy
louis katz: a katz of comedy
luka designs: pretty tings
making fiends: best on nicktoons
mia kim photography: a kim of photography
photo mo: bro
sophie sanders: soul sister
tirana jewelry: a new spin
where did i end up?: ridin' 'round Oakland

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Credit: Anthony Rodriguez

[updated October 2016]

I've been DJ'g weddings since 2006. I've DJ'd across the country in venues large and small, indoors and out-, rustic and fancy. Everywhere except a boat. So far.

What I enjoy most about DJ'g weddings is the opportunity to help a couple during an important moment in their new lives together with something that I love -- music.

Couples often ask, "What kind of music do you spin?" To which I respond, "What would you like to hear?" This is my approach to weddings (and other events I DJ): to spin what people want to hear. That said, some people like sample mixes, so here are a few short ones (click the link; click the 'play' icon). Just remember, if you hear a song you don't like, just let me know -- I won't play it:




To sneak-a-peek at me (and some happy folks), click here.

My rates depend on several factors, like venue/location, transportation, equipment and time. To get a quote, or if you have any questions, or if you just want to know, "Dan: adobo or masala?" please contact me.


Wedding Links

Along the way I've picked up a few friends. So, if you'd like to...

Down Town Association: A true gem located in the heart of Manhattan's Financial District. Valerie and her staff put others to shame, and the spaces breathe New York history.
Glasserie: Overlooking the Newtown Creek from the northern tip of Greenpoint, Glasserie has a mouth-watering kitchen and a genuine team that will pamper you.

Raging Skillet: Chef Rossi and her a-plus staff are hands down the most professional, compassionate and creative I've worked with. Not to mention their range and command of food.
The Works: The Housing Works-affiliated catering service is most notable for its connection to the charitable book/clothing/furniture stores across Manhattan and Brooklyn, but don't sleep on the food and service -- delicious food served with a big heart.
Xaviers Restaurant Group: Does Chef Kelly look familiar? Let me tell you: he lives up to the hype, and then some. Home-cooked quality food served by a friendly, funny staff.
Joyce: Brooklyn's finest baker does cakes, pies and other goodies.

Gramercy Park Wines and Spirits: Mike is the man. Earthy, reasonable and responsible.

Saffron: Kana and Tetsuji take an elegant approach I have not seen in any other wedding. It is subtle, well-crafted and always highly considerate of the couple's tastes.
James's Daughters Flowers: Lisa is the daughter in question and her eye is remarkable. Her site has visual proof, but you can also check out her Instagram.

Marigold Ceremonies: Amy Benedict describes herself as a "celebrant," which is an apt snapshot of her energy and an ideal to seek out for your ceremony. She's based in New England, so if yr in that hood...

Ben Holmes: trumpet player and band leader. Can put together a killer combo. Highly recommended. E-mail him at
Lucas Pullin: classical and jazz guitarist. Holler at

Shoot (still)
Andy French: Down-to-earth, and he shot my wedding. Holler for contact info, etc.
Michael Meyer: Consummate professional.
Photo Pink: Liesl, Randy and Megan are an ease to work with and have keen eyes for the shots.
Twah Dougherty/Style Art Life: Twah's shoot are fun, fun, fun. Make sure to peep her frequently updated F-book for the latest.

Shoot (moving)
Fred Lee: Works quick and quietly and the results are beautiful.

Stay Sane
Ned Kelly and Co.: Ned does a lot. And that counts when you need to keep all the moving parts of a wedding in order... and happy as a Smurf.

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Doing (and Done)

[updated August 2014]

Here is a partial list of what I'm doing and have done. Of course, there's LinkedIn for the traditionalists:

archives / libraries
  • conde nast
  • the ARChive of contemporary music
  • getty research institute
  • uc berkeley

arts education

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photo by dirtystylus

[updated August 2014]

Call Dan Nishimoto ("sintalentos") your “right-and-left-brain” DJ. Since moving to New York from Los Angeles in 2003, he has planned performing arts events, led school tours and balanced budgets for various cultural organizations. At the same time, he has been writing about music and DJ’g weddings, clubs, radio and the occasional fashion show. In his off time, he studies martial arts. These days he's a digital archivist at Condé Nast. And he still DJs

Here are some other vittles about him:
  • His name is pronounced "Don." Long story, but ask him. He's happy to explain.
  • His first turntable was his dad's... which he used as a step-stool when he was a baby.
  • His second was a portable Fisher Price player for kids. Star Wars, Looney Tunes and Michael Jackson were his favorite records.
  • These days he takes his music in all formats: LPs, tapes, CDs, MP3s...
  • ...but he'll still dig in a rat-infested basement of cheap vinyl.
To peek-a-boo: Flickr.

To see what he does: Doing (And Done).

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