Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Now That I'm Older

Shorts on Sundays: Wildcat on Nowness.com.

Saw FlyLo on Sunday night.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Lo~tta white folks.
  • I love dude, but it's telling when the highlights are when he dropped other people's records: TNGHT, Clams Casino/Lil B's "I'm God," and some song that uses the same progression as Inner City's "Good Life." 
  • Low point was the Transylvanian Skrillex synths; too many people use that shit, brah.  
  • I'm on the fence about whether I'd like to hear a FlyLo after hours house set.  
  • Lo~tta white folks love Capt. Murphy. I'll stick to rappers to do my rappity raps.  
  • If we're gonna talk about ratchet, please tweak Problem's "Twerk" or mess w/ DJ Mustard.

Re: the openers, Thundercat is great to hear, though I'd love to hear him with a Elvin Jones style power drummer, not a Keith Moon/Animal type.

I'm good on hearing any more producer side-project bands.

Finally, I'm getting older, but not quite old. Why? I had a good time. But I'd also be happy seeing dude recreate his Wildcat soundtrack at a 'proper' seated venue like Yoshi's.

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