Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring Again

My new business

spring 2011

You may have heard I've been busy. Great to get some bills, but I've had to re-think how I organize my time.

Yes, these are the mundane machinations behind juggling work. Fascination street, right?

The latest seasonal blend is a peculiar one. Go ahead, compare with 2010. Sure, it opens with a sunny blast: Rapha, Frankie and this year's preppy response to Vampire Weekend. But the beats slow down. Sounds become sharp and harsh. You can feel the anxiety lurking deep in the swamp. Maybe that's why we open with a reaching reading of a recent post-adolescent's taut relationship blooz: it's a warning beacon.

The line from stutter step hyphy-dub to 1 non-blonde pop to enya/cloud/ol'/g rap is solid and clear. At least to me. Hopefully you'll hear it, too?

Side 1 closes with the most lucid Smog I've heard in a minute. Yes, it fades on the same line NYT drooled over. Poof, and the song is gone.

Side 2 is meant to pick up the pace, like San Antonio. I'm less into the music than the ol' rappers and young lions' ability to link sound and vision.

The rest are filled with quick thrills. The Aussies sound familiar. And 2001 found some drums c. 1981 (don't worry, it hasn't actually been 10 years when you go 20 back).

The closer provides hope. Quasi-cloud crooning makes the heart go pitter-patter, so the Canadian makes the beat go clippity-clop.

Wasn't 2010 supposed to be the year of the druthers? Why all the dark choonage so far? Maybe 2011 will turn that frown around come summer? Wouldn't hold your breath:

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