Monday, May 02, 2011

Liner Notes v.3 Blahcast

Found these in a box. And, yes, that's Cats & Ozzy

Liner Notes v.3

Coming home from +DRAWING+MODEL+MUSIC+BEER+ last night I got the news. I pulled into a bar to watch the telecast. Felt helpful to experience the moment of surprise and shock with others -- in addition to the discomfort of being around misplaced enthusiasm.

I woke up today listening to my usual line-up of Monday morning podcasts: WTF, MMPC, the Bugle. Most aren't necessarily political, but I still inexplicably wanted them to speak to the recent turn of events. Of course, all were recorded prior to Sunday night. Not sure what I would have expected anyway.

I feel sheepish talking about the pod/blahcast. But I'll get over it.

I finally gave it a name: "Liner Notes." And, like my blahg, I'm calling it a blahcast. I'm still talking about chunes that I'm digging. And I aim to whittle down the playlist so I can get more in-depth about a small handful of songs. But I had a backlog of material from the entire month of April, so I burned through tracks on this one. There's some +DRAWING+-related material from the "Hi Lo Hi" night. There's also some wordy rappinghood courtesy of Monch and Gab. And there was even time for Paul McCartney's ukulele jam "Ram On."

Listen in: it's a new day, same as yesterday.

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