Friday, February 18, 2011

Ride My Pony

not your ordinary podcast

liners: febrA 2011

It's been roughly 10 years since I've done radio. There have been a few rewinds -- those sessions for East Village Radio in its early days, and the behind-the-scenes work for WNYC -- but I've been absent behind the mic for a while.

Man, I have missed it.

There's talk talk on the second edition of the still unnamed sound journal/podcast thing. Oh, technology! In case you don't remember, it's a biweekly digest of chunes on rotation in these parts -- this time, songs from the first half of February. Don't worry: no Valentines schmaltz. It feels more natural to chat a little, listen a little, then move on. Still a bit longer than expected (25 minutes), but enough for a short commute, right?

Please, send comments, questions, etc. I want to hear your thoughts on what you like, don't like, suggestions for a title... I know, the vocals are way Too Low. I pinky promise to get it right next time, aight?

And for the record: Animal Collective's "My Girls." And The World of Arthur Russell on Soul Jazz.



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