Monday, February 21, 2011


Prezbo Knows playlist

Last night's +DRAWING+MODEL+MUSIC+BEER+ session paid tribute to the holiday weekend by drawlring to songs for, against and (arguably) by presidents. No, we didn't listen to Bill honk.

I made lots of 11th hour changes to this setlist. I thought this would be a cakewalk -- play some trashy campaign songs, no problem -- but it sounded, well, trashy. Came home on Saturday after a long day of waiting and waiting and finally seeing the Christian Marclay video "The Clock" (totally worth it) and realized what changes needed to be made.

The songs were grouped into:

* 30-sec poses: Animaniacs (introduce the theme with a list!)
* 1-min: Campaign songs (past generations)
* 2-min: Funky songs about presidents
* 5-min: "Letter songs" to presidents
* 10-min: Disillusionment and perverse interpretations of "president"
* 20-min: a) JFK; b) songs released on or immediately after Obama's election; and c) Campaign songs (our generation)

Once again, good vibes all around. Lots of interesting poses and everyone took the ideas and ran with 'em. And plenty of patriotism, criticism and everything in-between.

A few housekeeping items: not all the tracks played are on YouTube. E.g., the version of "Abraham, Martin & John" spun was from a Bob Dylan concert in the early '80s, not the Marvin Gaye version in the playlist. Other "loosies" not included in the playlist include:

* Janelle Monae "Mr. President"

* Mort Sahl "Eisenhower, Nixon & Brubeck" From his The Future Lies Ahead LP (as influential a comic as he is, most of his critical output remains sadly out-of-print, but you can often find his albums in the dollar bin)

* Elvis Costello "Less Than Zero" The version spun was from his Live at El Mocambo concert. Apparently the song's "Mr. Oswald" was mistakenly interpreted as being LHO upon initial release, when that was not the case. At this concert, Costello flipped the third verse to talk about Lee Harvey Oswald.

* DJ Trident "miamiobama" By the good homie.

Oh, and the song "by" a president? Sinatra famously re-did "High Hopes" for Kennedy's 1960 campaign. A 7-inch record of the song was released, but credited not to Sinatra, but one "Jack Kennedy."

Next session will return to a Wednesday on March 9. Visit our new Facebook page for more information. And holler to get on the list, so you get the reminder...

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