Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Living For The Smidge

Cover of Talking Heads' French 7" of "Psycho Killer," via Discogs. This has nothing to do with anything

Been back to writing for a couple weeks now, so I've got a few pieces up at Prefix:

Nels Cline Singers: Initiate
The Hold Steady: Heaven Is Whenever
Laura Marling: I Speak Because I Can
Poirier: Running High
Various: Kitsuné Maison
Very Be Careful: Escape Room

And please check out the artist pages, as we've been putting up a lot of content recently. For my part, I've done close to 50 bios of everyone's favorite: cheerleader, internet sensation (from this past winter), singer-rapper who may or may not have been a criminal mastermind and "proprietor of [her] destiny."

Also back to work with Dirtystylus on setting up sintalentos dot com, so look for that in a minute.

Per the recent tweet, I'll post a couple freestyle blends I did for Guro's niece's sweet 16. Also am almost finished with the follow-up to the summer and winter blends.

And holler at me:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/sintalentos
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sintalentos

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