Friday, October 27, 2006

This Friday, I'm in Love with...

There is a light that shines / Especially for you and me (via Mount Pleasant)

Lou Reed - "Charley's Girl" (mp3)
(purchase here)

A footnote to our previous stakeholder's meeting: my Stuy Town friend saw Lou Reed at one of the last shows at the Palladium. I've wanted to see Lou for a while. Then I learned he kicks it on the streets on the daily. Oh.

Getting back to the show, well, my friend doesn't remember much about it. So scratch that story. I watched him perform on tv when he was promoting Ecstasy. Just raw rock. None of that rawk. Rock. And that's what I love about the recently reissued Coney Island Baby. Perhaps the most straight forward and glitz-less record of his I've heard -- he even takes shots at himself, like on "Crazy Feeling:" "And you, you really are a queen... / And I know, cause I made the same scene" -- it's both accessible and endlessly endearing. And just good fucking rock. Which is why I am endlessly amused that when he sees that girl, he's "gonna punch her face in." All over some twang and cowbell. Bring da ruckus, Lou.

Oh, another footnote: "...a playful brag, more affectionate than offensive." Must be talkin' about Jesus? No, just Paul Nelson all up on Lou's lyric lickin': "I'm just a gift to the women of this world / Responsibility sits so hard on my shoulder."


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