Friday, October 06, 2006

Allow me to (Re-)Reintroduce Myself...

Triangle Offensive

Jay-Z - "Show Me What You Got" (via Spine; mp3)

"But I was just dying to bring those horns back. That’s like the perfect set-off for a record. You hear that horn and you know that it’s about to be something."
~ Just Blaze, XXL

I forgot to mention: I did a wedding last weekend out in the Chi at this funky joint called Green Dolphin Street. A gang of the gang attended -- it'd been a while since I got to spin for some, first time for others -- so I made sure to bring the stoopid fun for 'em. Never gets old: hearing the "ahhs" for Montell and "oohs..." for "Rumpshaker" (hey, can't get my chin stroke on every night). Dunno why I even blended 'em, it's all about that snaking horn line.

"It’s like 'Hovi Baby' but with those horns it gives you a little bit of the soulfulness of 'Encore.'"
~ Jay-Z, XXL

So, is it a hit? I was actually surprised "Encore" got play, simply cos kids today rarely get down for that fast rap. For all that talk of snow days, how often do the kids run the floor like they on blow? Hyphy got the hearts pumpin', but lost momentum at the Mississippi. Chicken noodle soup was that tween summer crack, spawning a tween crackhead electric slide movement, only to catch a brick. So, is there any other precedent? Oh, yeah...


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