Monday, September 11, 2006

Variations on a Theme

Never thought he'd affect so many people? Get sainted.

David Bowie - "Five Years" (mp3)
(purchase here)

"The tiny band... who planned September 11 essentially lucked out. If the testimony... of Al Qaeda's master planner Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is to be believed, what happened stunned even him... Those two mighty towers came crumbling down in that vast, roiling, near-mushroom cloud of white smoke before the cameras in the fashion of the ultimate Hollywood action film (imagery multiplied in its traumatizing power by thousands of replays over a record-setting more than ninety straight hours of TV coverage). And that imagery fit perfectly the secret expectations of Americans--just as it fit the needs of both Al Qaeda and the Bush Administration."
~ Tom Englehardt, "9/11 in a Movie-Made World"

Five years, and still the same docu-drama.

One year, and still the same song.

One year, and still much to do.

"In the army of love, only the wounded may serve."
~ Thornton Wilder


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