Saturday, September 16, 2006

Thank You Falettinme...

Get down Friday night

Stephanie McKay - "Take Me Over" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Allow me to indulge in bloggerdom for a moment to heap praises on my Awesome personal life: thanks to all the homies who showed up for the flophouse fiesta last night. Was especially pleased that the seemingly disparate points of my life could come together, meet and dig each other. Having my hearts in the house was the hands down highlight, as well as meeting a personal hero, but seeing how this is a quasi-music site, here're some music 'ludes of note:

  • Dropping "It's Tricky" and being asked, "Did someone black request this?"
  • Being asked to play something people can dance to. Then being called racist for my selections.
  • Blending Diplo's remix of Madonna's "Hung Up" with "Temperature" and overhearing the response, "Oh, this is a good one."
  • Actually getting my hearts to dance. And that is highest praise...

    Which makes me think, maybe I should start a new section: Overheard from the Booth? Hm...

    Now, I'm all for the days of simple, stoopid party funness. However, time is working against that grain, so gk and I agreed a new dynamic is in order. Look out kids: as the leaves fall and change to shades of grey; as the air begins to bite and tighten your collar; v.4.0 will mean red velvet grown'n sexy. Hardly a couples-only affair, it'll just mean being Duke: in a sophisticated mood. And it'll be a chance to be mice elf when I spin (as opposed to being the dance monkey).

    On that note, I leave you with a preview: some grown tones courtesy Stephanie McKay. Stephanie who? Stephanie McKay, put her in your mouth. Then circulate her tape all through the North, East, West and South. She's put in work with Kwa and Tricky, as well as the circuit with Kelis, Mos and BK Funk Essentials blah blah blah--you get the picture. But dig the Geoff Barrow production on her first outing. Hardly the weepy, goth-hip-hop affair of his other jawns, McKay's 2003 debut and her pending follow-up Tell It Like It Is (early 2007) are about strong woman stands and get your mind right visions.

    Now, what was that about bringing sexy back? Shoot, sexy done been here this entire time...

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