Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sweep the Clouds Away

touch the sky

Pete Kuzma f/ Bilal - "High & Dry" (mp3)
(purchase here)

In my time, most March 2 skies have been overcast. In truth, the lack of March brightness soured me a bit when I was a child. Seems irony was not beyond my young mind, considering that the character for my name signifies a rising sun. While I still prefer a warm summer breeze, sunshine to bathe my mind, diamonds in the back and all that, I also feel the weather is appropriate for some of the beautiful souls that sprang forth on this day. Lou Reed -- rock's Monk? -- a song, familiar, yet set to the words of an offset scowl that masks its pure rawkness. Dr. Seuss offered a puzzle of places and persons set to sing-song rhymes, but buried within it the keys to a kingdom of truths, a Peter Pan palace where anyone can take a brief taste from the elusive fountain. And Jon Bongiovi..., um... ok, so he's pretty straight-up. 'swhy I say "some of" the beautiful souls.

Call the day Masked with a Promise, special goodness comin' soon to a heart near you. So, happy birthsoul's day to ms. dirtystylus and myself! With that, I'm pulling out a nugget for y'all, one of my favorite cuts in recent memory. I suppose I was wandering about in a foolish haze, thinking this cut could be my personal secret... in spite of it being a cover by an in-demand singer of a very popular song by a band with a fanatic following... and in spite of its imminent release on Hipst, er, I mean, "Rapster" Records. So, consider this my coming-to-terms with this 'loss,' ha ha.

Cheers and Happy Day to you all!


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