Monday, March 06, 2006

Do You Believe In...?

Coordinating with the red carpet

Kid 'N Play - "2 Hype" (mp3)
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Moving to New York, I thought I would be prepared to handle the hype machine. You know, the one that speaks the tongue of Joel Siegel and all manners of hyperbole. Los Angeles, and, to an extent the rest of California, has a way of deflecting much of the chatter with a 'been there-done that' cool. No, really. Ask an Angeleno what they did last Friday night and the words, "SkyBar," "The Strip" and "hot" will not spill forth. However, ask an industry nut and you will receive explicit counterpoint. The point being that Angelenos have a loving, separate-but-estranged relationship between celebreality and reality.

Well, lo and behold, the tables are turned and I'm the new kid on the block in another big city. And now I find the hype, well, pretty damn engrossing. From the endless escapades of one Killa, to the overall dissection of pop culture, I'm simply lovin' it.

Which is all my long-winded way of saying I watched the Oscar's last night. And, yes, I am sure you have all had your ya yas at Three 6's expense by now (I was wondering who would make that "Stay Fly" nod!). Once again, Jon Stewart calling it like it was: "Why are these guys the most excited to win an Oscar?" Because they stayed Crunchy, Jon, they stayed Crunchy.

I suppose the moral last night is that the hype machine do indeed work in mysterious ways. Obviously, the marketing and the endless hollas hardly pay off... but it does create quite a diversion for the little people to pass unseen onto the mainstage. Occasionally.

Congratulations to Three 6, of course. But bigger propers to all the marketing, press, industry folks who continue to tout dated safeness... only to let Juicy J & co. slide through. Wot wot wot???


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