Thursday, February 09, 2006

Group Love

Phil Jackson-endorsed

Tanya Morgan - "Ode to Tanya" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Consider this week's de facto theme to be masks. Obfuscation behind the other while projecting the self through persona. Sure, it's a time old approach to the trade and transcendent of it, as well -- Clark Kent, anyone? And speaking of whom, what's up with him?

So, no new confusion over Tanya Morgan, the collabo of Brooklyn-based MC/producer Von Pea and Cincinnati-based MCs Ilwil (Ilyas and Donwill) and production squad Brickbeats. Nevermind the domestic Foreign Exchange comparison -- where Phonte and Nicolay just relayed beats and rhymes across the pond and through the wire, the TM cats have fun with the informality of their relationship. Loose structure abounds and humor fills the disc, just a celebration of a new way to make music with your friends. "Ode to Tanya" works the angles like "I Used to Love H.E.R.," an object of desire used to project their individual failings. As three guys argue over T to no avail, each finds futility in the solo route.

On a sidenote, even the gov'ment seems to be catching onto this neworking concept...

So, what's it gonna take Sly? I repeat yesterday's and John Legend's sentiment: "It was great — I mean, hey, he showed up."


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