Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blood is Thicker than the Mud

Pledge allegiance to the soul writer

Sly & the Family Stone - "Remember Who You Are" (mp3)
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Big Boi, Sleepy Brown and Killer Mike - "Runnin' Away" (mp3)
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Sly & the Family Stone reunion???

Well, kinda [BIG ups to Hip Hop Music].

If you don't want to read the whole LA Times piece, the short is that Sly is scheduled to participate in his Grammy tribute tonight. Lots of the kids from his recent tribute CD (hence, the Dungeon Fam/Purp All-Star cover) will be on hand to run through the hits -- "Dance To The Music" (w/; "Everyday People" (w/ Maroon 5); "Family Affair" (w/ John Legend and Joss Stone); and "If You Want Me To Stay" (w/ Devin Lima; who? interesting choice of song, tho). HOWEVER... there will be a two minute finale that features the original line-up sans Larry Graham.

I can't stress enough how important Sly Stone has been to my musical and philosophical life. So, to actually see him perform in my lifetime is, well... to crib Legend's sentiment: You'll catch me smilin' just to see him.


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