Monday, January 16, 2006

The Weight

Thinking of a master plan

Of Montreal - "Wraith Pinned To The Mist (and other games)" (mp3)
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Nina Simone - "Compassion" (mp3)
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The Carter Family - "Keep on the Sunny Side" (mp3)
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The response had to be anonymous.

Last night's episode of The Boondocks performed Waiting for MLK, painting the modern world in a civil rights existentialist crisis. Gil Scott was right; so will we ever fight again or continue to sit back and dismiss ODB? Must King be Montreux-bound, singing "Let's pretend we don't exist," for us to seek out clemency? Paul Lawrence Dunbar wrote how faith is met with "the boon of death," Nina sang it as if its shadow were leaning deep in the cut, so what action must take place here and now?

This obviously ain't about a hero -- c'mon, no such thing as a perfect beat, right? Cosby rang these bells in 04. His name helped make it food for the nation's thoughts, but also made his statements the pot calling the kettle black. Fine, bring it all back to our shoulders; it's about time to take up our responsibilities.

Maybe Maybelle and the Carters were onto something. Finding ones values and adhering to them. Escaping "sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" in favor of the loving arms of an open mind. Same ol' song, hence that same ol' effect, eh?


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