Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Logic Board (And The Damage Done)

Take this i-B-O-O-K and shove it

Ram Rider - "ミラーボール (RAM RIDER x meister)" (Mirrorball) (mp3)
(purchase here)

Computer completely crashed. Posts will definitely be light for the next two weeks, or until v1.0 receives an overhaul. Music may be slower in coming seeing how I may have lost my digital library.

So consider this a kind kiss off. Dipping back into the homeland stock, here's new artist Ram Rider. The Amazon link above has the incorrrect album title -- it's Portable Disco. And guess what it dew? March-worthy beats? Check. Vocoders? Check. Compressed and crunchy guitars? Check. Feathered '80s flashbacks? Check. Yes, Ram Rider is Daft Punk to the gayeth degree. And that's quite a feat. In fact, I will venture to say they out-gay Daft Punk's limpest moments. All GC (Gay Cowboy: a snide generalization of an artist or work of art that sensationalizes rather than describes with any substance or critical ability) aside, there are some wonderfully playful takes on classic deep house and disco sounds, filtered with a gang of youthful exuberance. I haven't done much homework, but I believe RR is one person and relatively new to the game, having debuted with a single only in 04. Keep an eye out, .jp on the rise. After all, Tokyo only starts at 7:00pm...


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