Thursday, December 15, 2005

Roll Out

Y'know, the one that goes, "Yellow...?"

Cherie - "Tears" (mp3)
(purchase here)

While the cherry blossom, or sakura, figures prominently in Japanese flora, the maple tree, or momiji, should not be forgotten. With its rich reds and shimmering yellows, momiji in the fall can be a breathtaking sight. Sure, North America is privy to its share of maple; I have yet to experience a proper October outing in the Hudson Valley. However, what I was practically assaulted with in Kyoto and Nara was absolutely stunning. Perhaps it is the relatively lower level of air pollution, but there is a crispness and sharpness to the color unlike any I have seen here.

Strolling through these streets in the early morning, I thought of that old sweet Dusty rolling slowly out of sleep and into the loving embrace of day. A late bloomer like the fall season and hardly a looker like her pichi-pichi girlfriends, yet facing the world through stark color filters.

Today, Cherie rolls (with the previously featured Ape Sounds crew) to the beat of the new Bacharach. She is more of a looker lost in the sugar sweet sunshine of yesterday's old Air, slow mo strutting over wet stone and through a light drizzle. New Music, the second album from this part-time model, features a couple usual suspects (Money Mark and Shawn Lee) and a delicious Isley Bros. cover ("For The Love of You"); hip takes on the traditional, check. Catch some "Tears" to coast you atop the condensation, "When the flowers bloom, so does my heart..."


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