Monday, October 03, 2005

Triple P

Do I get a plus one?

Dave Chappelle - (I'm Gonna) Piss On You" (mp3)

Standing in line for the Brasilintime show last night (I'll talk about this tomorrow; and somehow tie it in with Kool Keith), my friend and I started a game, "What Sublebrities Would Be Denied At This Door?" The inspiration was from being demoted to progressively, uh, "plebian" lines (from velvet rope to a goth bar to the underpass of a construction site), and we were looking for a variation on the Screech scene in Made. Many of the names dropped were on account of being crabby, but the sensible picks were a trip down pop detritus lane:

  • Chris O'Donnell - Yes, we factored in his show w/ Goldberg, but the co-star would be more eligible for the velvet slide.
  • David Blaine - "I put the boy in the box... Let the audience watch...?"
  • Sticky Fingaz - "I'm just sayin' some women today prefer women?"
  • Christo - Jeanne-Claude would get in; it's all in the hair.
  • The third wheel on Charmed - Two have past creds. The third has... Charmed

No diss, we just thought these kids wouldn't get the B+ Pass of Approval.

On the way home, we played the inverse of the game: "What Places Would Deny A Celebrity Who Would Normally Get In Anywhere?" Unfortunately, this game ended abruptly with the race realization. "The people on the door said it was members' only and they didn't seem to recognize him at all." Now, I'm not one to get all pouty over a person's roll being slowed from getting the hand at the door, but you know what that's about... I suppose all Chinawhite needs now is a gong when you enter.

The true tragedy of this post is pissing on people publicly for the sake of pissing. So, kudos to the person who publicly admits he pissed his pants in the past. Preemption! Glad to see Kane is on Keith's wavelength when it comes to the facts of life. Sure, he could be saying this to push papers, but it takes a certain trust to air out ones dirty laundry (Freudian?) like that. Even Chappelle says that he made Kells a little upset with today's joint. "How can you make a song about peeing on someone?" "How can you make a song about peeing on someone??" Too bad, not since White White Baby has musical satire been on such constant rewind in my mind. But that probably has more to do with my D-list sense of humor than some deconstruction of appropriation and poor taste. Poop!

News Flash!

Bush nominates Sandy D's twin as new Supreme Court justice! Look, they're both women, white, uh..., hm. Should we be worried that Mierscan't differentiate a question from a statement? (scroll to the second 'question' from 'Billy'). Like, whoa.


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