Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tired of Waiting?

Contrary to popular belief, Four Four is not bored.

Public Enemy - "Can't Hold Us Back" (mp3)
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Blood of Abraham - "Calling All Citizens" (f/ will.i.am) (mp3)
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I've been put on blast. No, my name's not Garrett, and I don't write for the SF Weekly (yet), but Zen's words should be read by an entire writer's nation right now. "There is no blood or fire. There's just an unearned jaded-ness with the world. There isn't a Johnny-Thunders-with-cigarette-and-guitar detachment, to be all Lester Bangs on folks, there is simply an utter lack of conviction masquerading as an outsider stance. Which is ridiculous."

I return to the idea of engagement constantly, because it is a topic seldom, well, engaged. Critical analysis and emotional/spiritual commitment (as opposed to an 'investment') are qualities that are not often emphasized in our daily life. And I certainly do not place blame on 'the times,' or modernity or anything exterior; this is a matter of personal choice. As my jr high history teacher used to point out, we often resort to the counterpart, "Fuzzy Tinking." Hey, I still do it plenty. And that's what this site is here for: for y'all to put me in check! (kidding... partly)

S'more wise words from Poppa Z: "The biggest struggle in their writing is a personal battle against boredom. (For the poor reader, it's a battle to simply stay awake 500-word or even 100-word count.) The sum of it all is a thinly disguised effort to preserve the status quo--in politics, in art, in culture, in society. Which is fine. Let's just call it what it is. A celebration of sameness. An indulgence of apathy. A reaction against change. A critical dead-end."

Like, whoa. I am downright perplexed at the idea that art is to be simply consumed -- and as a distraction for one's inability to create something beautiful in their own life, no less? Simply not for me.

I have noticed that since I began writing I have had to engage music in a different manner. Not in my analysis of it, but simply on a practical level: I have to plow through a ton of product to make deadlines. Now, engaging music for me also includes: (dun dun dun!) Work. Yet, what keeps my fires stoked -- and I noted this issue early on, because I tend to clearly distinguish work from my personal life -- is a reminder that I am writing about what I love, what I am passionate about. It is why a paperless paper chase is so worthwhile. It is why I visit the sites you see to the right; they are run by passionate people (I don't even know some of them personally). It is why I do this.

And, on that note, let's do what we do best, right?

Isht Oddgamn, it's the new phrase. Once again, throwbacks are the hit of the season. The Rebirth of Public Enemy has been on for a minute, and most people remember B of A as 'those funky Jews who kicked it with Eazy E' (or, as the more currently astute would note, 'one of those funky Jews directed a TI video'). Let the big boys tailor the Queen, the threads on these two groups are genuine and in the flesh.

PE revisits famliar themes ("Raw Shit", "Hard Rhythm"), but its the Paris lean back that seems to have reenergized Chuck and co. In fact, even when he waxes on topics quasi-universal (who wants dibs on the "Plastic Nation" - "Mania de Peitão" mash-up?), he just sounds... good. Just that good ol' back & forth with Paris, Dead Prez, & Kam (!) on "Can't Hold Us Back." Put this on 22s, what??

On the other hand, Blood has come a ways. Eyedollartree starts with some mid-90s, blunted Buckshot-type prod, and comes out after halftime with Edan-Odelay g- go and future primitive funk. Sounds like their soundtrack experience has paid off, because each track has a composed quality, live instruments up against samples and boom bap. The flows are still backpacker-friendly (will.i.am slummin' it at the dive? and twice, no less), but the overall tone is sincere.

Bones: Maybe bustin' a move as a child broke my eyes. Dangerous Diseases, indeed.

Party Alert!!

Headz in and around NYC, go and get lit tonight with O.C. (not Mischa). Word?... Life...

O.C. Album Listening Party
Tuesday, October 11th, 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Serena Bar, 23rd Street between 7th and 8th, under the Chelsea Hotel

FREE, but you Must RSVP at: michelle@AudibleTreats.com


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