Monday, October 17, 2005

The Rump Saltshaker

Please don't hurt 'em, Pare Pare

DJ Quik - "Dollaz and Sense" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Warren G - "In Case Some S*t Go Down" f/ Mike Jones and Frankie Lee White (mp3)
(purchase here)

Three Six Mafia - "Stay Fly" (mp3)
(purchase here)
(BONUS: extra special nod to Dewey for the earlybird remix)

South on the rise in the East? Please, it makes so much sense in the West! I keed, it's all love from all sides.

Trident and I caught up and talked about how moog funk goes over in the northern corridor. Even NYers who jump up for a standoff seem to take a load off and drop it to the floor when they hear that synthy low end. Hence, a look back at some era-to-era, coast-bridge-coast rumpshakers: sweet'n sour, meaty and magro, it's the salty lassi.

Quik does the trick for those in the know, but allow me to reintroduce Warren the Third. Front to back, Compton to Houston, G flows slow with (who?) Mike Jones to connect the dots. Too spaced out for the smooth cruise, too plum for that plain rap, is it it the new sound of g talk? Gets you open like, uh, Paris (courtesy Spine)? I had been looking forward to KDAY 2.0. No Peter Piper flashbacks, but Three Six in a '96 Corolla makes for a pretty hilarious traffic troll. With Elfman goin' for Baroque on his latest, here's a proper daily drayma fix to Alleve the road haze.

From earth shakes to rain, missin' temple and noodles, do I bring the pain whereever I roam? Yet it's still been the best week Ever!

UPDATE: One or two more posts this week, then back to normal next week.


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