Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Move, God, get out the way

DJ Muggs & GZA - "Exploitation of Mistakes" (mp3)
(purchase here)

Hire Miers? Mean mug to the right, lotus pose to the left, but the Bush machine is thinkin' ten, no, twenty steps ahead. Junichi brings up the option of supporting her to avoid a Scalia follow-up. And a filibuster? Ever get the feeling you're being played? Even the GZA, that admirer of a good stratagem, has no dice for advice.

On Grandmasters, the Genius one plays a familiar field of hustlin' and pimpin'. Similarly, Muggs sticks to the Wu's soultastic playbook, even using old players (RZA, Raekwon) who're experts with the script. While the rules of engagement remain steadfast, times change, leaving the lp a lil'... late. Still, Maximillion is a patient man with his grind and Muggs is along for the ride, so maybe it's just a detour.

G Dub still lays out scenarios with CSI clarity, so maybe we can take a cue to outplay Dubya? Chess lessons for the Senate?

Postscript: "Pop, Pop, Pop" go the gats all up in Florida.


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