Sunday, September 11, 2005

Police (and Press) in Helicopters we could watch; help came later.

David Banner proved to be more than a Kanye postscript when he spoke with Davey D on Breakdown FM. In this 1/2 hour interview, Banner set the bar for hip hop activism by responding both passionately and responsibly. Certainly, there is self-congratulation involved (busing in water on his own dime), but, like he says, Banner responded twice before the federal government did anything. And all this from a "gangsta rapper."

What's truly gully? Heal the Hood.

PS: David Banner performing my favorite, "Cadillacs on 22s," for ReactNow. Turntablelab talked about Banner being draped in a spotlight, propped up on a lonely stool. The drama is so sincere tho...


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