Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lick My Funky Eardrum

Blackalicious - "Lotus Flower (f/ George Clinton)"
(purchase here)

My head is awhirl with wah sounds akin to Pryor on acid in 2001. Does the name "Rita" truly capture the essence of a 175 mph phenomenon? If arbitrary is the word of the day, why not Dr. Weird? Well, I suppose we shouldn't further tarnish the reputation of South Jersey…

So, let's take a trip down the dank like Locke and get lost with the man who brought up both fans and Diddy as one nation under the P. Whew. I'm really feelin' the new Blackalicious record. It's both so nasty and so clean. Think the Game unites MLK and NWA? Have it another way. My current 9th wonder is actually "Black Diamonds and Pearls," because of its balance of stunning frankness with a melody born in Crooklyn. "Lotus" is up because it may catch more of your ears, mysterious murker that it may be.

Peace to the South... and get them lighters up, Los An.

Update: Fixed the "Lotus" link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do i feel like this track wouldn't feel out of place on the recent gorillaz album? stole a listen to the rest of the album a few nights ago and i have this to say: their live rendition of 'rhythm sticks' kicks the pants off the studio version. and that - predictably - the track 'side to side' is my current favorite, with that silly melody snaking through the chorus.

12:51 PM  
Blogger sintalentos said...

what a great comparison, esp b/c of the overtly pop rock moments, namely "powers." that synth line sounds cribbed from the gary numan school of rock. "now shut up / ride the groove and just move."

5:27 PM  

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