Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's Just Begun

Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Watts Rhythm Band
- "Express Yourself" (Real)

Four years ago this day, I woke up like so many others in the U.S. dub coast to utter shock.

Today, I woke up like so many others in the beast of the States to utter shock.

What's the same? It's all in the difference. A profound indifference. One I had laid to rest as adolescent angst generalizing American views as "eff it" extremes. But when it once seemed to be jolted, it now seems so recurrent.

Notes From A Different Kitchen also caught wind of it. Appropriately, my mother is abroad watching Japan take similarly regressive steps. Is it an isolationist's mentality, yet one where we don't keep such a close eye out for home? My elders respond with constant reassurance -- "We've made it through tough times" -- but everyone concedes that times are exceptionally hard these days.

In this sense, another blog that muses on music seems a bit absurd. But please do not call it an outlet, nor an escape. This is a public forum for thoughts, after all. Rather, I hope to use this as a medium to look at art in its place. After all, I find it difficult to look at any art completely removed from context. Say what you will about objective observations -- "What do you see that makes you say that?" -- we experience through filters. So, I will be discussing ideas and actions with as much consideration for said filters. And, whoo, what a time to look at it all.

Peace and Blessings.



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