Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Celebration, B*****s

Arctic Monkeys - "Scummy" (via Bigstereo)

"They say he changes when the sun goes down." So, where are the Fearless Vampire Killers when you need 'em? Really, folks, how was the French Quarter speech any different from past pleas? Certainly, the Iron Eagle Chef reheated Tuesday's leftovers (or, the Assuming-You-Think-I-Need-To-Apologize Apology). But going easy on the empathy and substituting it with heaps o' promises gave diners the gasface.

At a time when a national audience sought sympathy, reaassurance and leadership, Bush recited his laundry list of "homies I asked for help from... but we'll see what they say." Nice. One highlight was the "Gulf Opportunity Zone," an area of social and economic revitalization across LA-MS-AL sure to surpass even Disney's wildest, planned community dreams. I knew that backdrop looked familiar; it's Celebration, Round 2!

"Let us rise above the legacy of inequality," Bush said. Yes, and leave behind the Ninth Ward and non-legal citizens. Apparently, getting new credit/debit cards is pretty easy. Although a chilly marsupial once warned: "What a scummy man / Just give him a chance, I bet he'll rob you if he can / Can see it in his eyes, yeah, that he's got a nasty plan / I hope you're not too involved at all."

But that's the problem: we are all involved.


Blogger (Halfway to being Dr.) Ken said...

great blog - keep it up.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Justin Cober-Lake said...

"Gulf Opportunity Zone" is one of the best phrases of newspeak I've heard in some time. More Disney than Disney for that community.

11:08 AM  

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