Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In the Middle

Vintage Thomas showing promise.

Maceo & the Macks - "Cross the Tracks (We Better Go Back)" (mp3)
(purchase here)

At this past weekend's rally in DC, Washington Wizards power forward Etan Thomas penned with the power of Malcolm Little -- the next X though? Dave Zirin suggests he may be approaching Ali status. Zirin also reminds us of Howard Cosell's take, "Rule Number One of the 'Jockocracy' is that pro-athletes and politics should never mix." Think that statement was coming from the same place as his "That little monkey gets loose, doesn't he?" comment about Alvin Garrett? For anyone that heard Thomas' speech, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The transcript contains slashes of sharp prose and impassioned indictments. A "field trip" across the tracks? Even Maceo gets nervous at the idea...

Let's indulge in this fantasy for a moment: the soundtrack to this federally mandated study abroad course.

The sirens from "Cross the Tracks" are an emergency warning -- clear the way for the GOP parade! Maceo lets out a caterwaul to catch Bush's attention; the rest is just a lesson on how a true pimp signifies. Heckuva job, Brownie? Slap that taste out! Please let your imagination (or your iPods?) fill in the blanks for the middle of the trip.

Broadcast's Tender Buttons is my pick for the long road home. Writing automatique, words being given "their own life". So, in this context, let the analog confusion and declarations of disconnect wash over. "America's Boy" is the obvious choice, but I'll second Trish's pick, "Black Cat." "Shadowing masonic verve / Follows the pharaoh and the worm." Skull and bones, Stonecutters, isn't it all treehouse funtime? Their mutual pursuit of the high and mighty overshadows the salt below. Everyone's gotta come down sometime and just "let go." "Awkwardness happening to someone you love..." Suppose 'swhy times are so hard right now.

Correction: Photo fixed. Goes to show you where my sports knowledge is at, eh BG?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That photo of "Etan Thomas" is actually Laron Profit. Try this one instead. It's especially dope cuz he's wearing a Bullets throwback instead of that weak-ass Wizards shit. I would've hoped that if one D.C. pro franchise agreed to change it's name for P.C. reasons it would've been the Bloodthirsty Sava--er, Redskins. Progress ain't always progressive, eh?

2:17 AM  

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